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5 Gallon Guppies And Cory Tank Aquarium Advice

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Facias - Can guppies go in a 5 5 gallon tank? aquarium stocking. Can guppies go in a 5 5 gallon tank? 243597 in aquarium stocking questions forum i am looking to stock my 5 5 gallon tank, because the current inhabitant is a sick male betta which is prone to pass on soon not to. Stocking a 5 gallon fish tank??? tropical fish keeping. Iiwll get rid of the guppies then and i can get one of the cory cats you said could i do this: 1 dwarf gourami 2 cory cats 4 cherry barbs or i can do cardinal tetras i will talk to my sister about the glowfish maybe she can get a 5 gallon tank too. Cory catfish and guppies my aquarium club. Cory catfish and guppies hello all i'm new to this site and i've been searhing for some answers but not sure where to turn to i have a 75 gallon tank with about 20 guppies and 15 cory cats 4 albino's, 5 melini's, 4 peppered, and one that looks like a melini but the guy at the petstore insisted it was not. Can i have a 1 betta 3 guppies a cory catfish in a 5 5. Best answer: 1 betta 3 guppies and a cory fatfish in a 5 5 gallon yes the answer is yes people will say one inch per gallon but this is just a myth that makes no sense would put one 10 inch fish in a 10 gallon tank and think that it has enough swimming room of course not personally i have 10 white. Guppies, tetras, and cory cat in 5 gallon? yahoo answers. My friend is getting a 5 gallon hex shaped aquarium and wants to know if she can hav 3 male guppies, 4 5 neon tetras, and a cory cat i have told her to let the tank cycle and have given her good information i just don't know if that is too many fish only helpful answers, please! thanks!. 5 5 gallon fish tank stocking ideas? : aquariums. Not saying put 20 guppies in a 5 gallon but a couple with a cory has worked great for me the guppies swim together all the time even the cory keeps to himself and plays around the bottom of the tank and shoots up and down the sides from time to time pretty awesome to watch. Need help stocking a 5 gallon tank aquarium forum. Bad idea cory need larger groups of 5 or more to be happy you'd probably need a minimum of 15g for a cory tank 5g try some shrimp or a betta and see how much moss you can grow in it 5g is a bit of an expert tank imo it's tough to get it looking good and balanced 15 20g is a better size to get right and looking good cb. Guppies and cory catfish in 5 5 gallon tank youtube. I finally got my tank set up took in a water sample today to the local fish store and i was told everything is looking awesome and i was more than ready to add a few more fish so, i bought the. Cory is acting strangely? 5 gallon tank corydoras 35720. My cory was acting sick sometimes, she totally freaks out and then lands on the gravel on her side, or her back she breathes really rapidly at times yesterday, i have noticed that she has been swimming quickly in front of the aquarium a lot 5 gallon tank i don't have a test kit 72 degrees farenheit this tank has been set up for a few months. Guppies & albino cory's in same tank my aquarium club. Guppies & albino cory's in same tank hi, i have these two types of fishes together in a 20 gallon tank i added salt about a month ago, because my guppies were dying, but i am not sure if it is okay for my albino cory's.

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5 Gallon Guppies And Cory Tank Aquarium Advice

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