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Why Is A Blue Flame Hotter Than A Red Flame Quora

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Facias - Q & a: blue flames are hotter? department of physics. Blue flames aren't always hotter than yellow flames, because the color of light emitted by the flame can depend on exactly which atoms and molecules are in the flame each atom or molecule has certain special frequencies colors at which it absorbs and emits light, just like a musical instrument. Why is a blue flame hotter than a red flame? quora. In a flame the outer most layer or the blue flame is hotter than the yellow or red flame because a "complete combustion" takes place in the area just like in a candle the wax contains kerosene oil and molten wax which are responsible for producing flame while a general candle, flame. Why is the blue flame hotter than yellow flame. A blue flame is hotter than a yellow flame because a blue flame has more oxygen, so it has more energy to create extra heat therefore, a blue flame is more dangerous and a yellow flame is used in. Why is the hottest flame blue? quora. There are two main contributors to the color of a flame the one that probably impacts the "blue=hot" most is black body radiation the hotter the object's temperature, the "bluer" the emitted light is another major contribution is emission from electron transitions it emits light in specific. Why do flames turn blue? howstuffworks. When you see a flame, you are seeing something that is glowing with a certain color heat naturally causes things to glow if you heat up a piece of iron hot enough, it will glow red heat it more and it glows orange or yellow the temperature controls the color in the yellow part of a candle flame. Which is hotter blue flame or red flame. The blue flame is hotter than a yellow flame because it has more oxygen so its stronger and can create more energy and heat the hottest part is right under the center its called the crown!!. Which is hotter blue flame or red flame. Assuming we're not throwing ions into the flame and the color is due strictly to temperature, the blue flame is hotter the problem is that flames can be different colors for reasons other than temperature. Why is blue fire hotter than yellow orange fire? yahoo. Best answer: for a gas flame like in a bunsen burner the blue flame is due to the addition of oxygen and the more efficient and complete burning of the fuel the yellow flame from the burner indicates that the fuel is not being burned completely and is producing soot. Hottest part of a flame science experiment. Actually, the hottest part of the candle flame is the blue part, at 1670 degrees f 1400 c that is where the flame has the most oxygen and you are getting complete combustion the reddish part is the coolest part, about 1070 f 800c. Which is hotter: an orange flame or blue flame? yahoo. Best answer: it is misleading to make the general statement that "blue is *hotter* than yellow or orange" the different colors in a flame are a result of *different physical and chemical processes* within the flame, not strictly because of differences in temperature.

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Why Is A Blue Flame Hotter Than A Red Flame Quora

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